Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye January, Hello February!!!

JANUARY 1st, 2011 to JANUARY 31st, 2011 = 13 pounds LOST!!!!!!!! If my calculations are right, that's 4% of weight loss of my total goal!

Woohoo!! I have completed a whole month of eating healthier and gotten a good start on my Path to the new me. This is the longest I have EVER dieted, and I am hoping it doesn't stop!


1. Now that January has come to a close, I've been toying different ideas on what to do for February. I had narrowed it down to the either the gym, or p90x, and have decided to do p90x. It's free, and I don't have to feel self-conscious at the gym being the only fat girl (it's a small gym in town).

2. Tomorrow (2/1) I have a doctors appointment. I haven't seen a doctor in about 5 years. I'm hoping they will set me up to get some lab work done, see if my thyroid or blood glucose is off, and overall healthiness. I'm also going to see about getting a bucket load of medication for my depression, anxiety issues, ADD, and for the knee and back issues I've been having. Also going to bring up about my hearing issues, I think I have some hearing loss in my left ear and it is really bugging me. Not the fact that I may be loosing hearing, just that I'm not certain if that is what's going on.

3. Thursday (2/3) I have an eye appointment to get my eyes checked. Probably haven't had one in about 10 years, and the last year or so it's been getting harder to read small print from far away.

4. Next week (2/10) I have a dentist appointment. Again, probably hasn't been 5 years. I'm sure I have at least 2 cavities, probably more due to all my soda drinking back in 2010.

As one can see, I now have health insurance this year, and I want to use it to it's fullest extent to help make a more happier, and healthier person.

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