Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34/365

Weight: 260.5

I need to stop eating some many packaged foods, especially snacks

Eye Doctor Appointment

Today I had an appointment with the eye doctor. I've been having a problem lately of having fuzzy vision, and small print straining my eyes. Some could be in part that I am staring at a computer all day and looking at small print (LOL)

I learned a few things from the doctor that I've never known about my eyes:

1. I have an astigmatism in my left eye
2. My eyes are dry
3. And my eyes don't look looking in (/ \) and they also don't like looking out
(\ /)

So he suggested glasses to see if they help at all, along with some Physical Therapy exercises for my eyes. Yes, I do PT for my EYES.

I choose a sweet pair of Converses wire-framed glasses, and I go back in about a week to pick them up!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33/365

Weight: 260

Exercise: 76 minutes
Burned: 812 calories

Called out of work today due to all the snow we were dumped with. Spent over an hour trying to shovel out that driveway, and even then it wasn't done and had to leave it to my sister and her boyfriend to finish.

Day 32/365 - February 1st

Weight: 261

I really need to start limiting myself on the chips, even though they are within my calories that push me way over in the sodium.

Doctor appointment this morning pushed me back, as I didn't want to eat breakfast in case I needed blood work (which they did do).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doctor Appointment

Height: 5'7.75" .... Seriously? I thought I was 5'8" or 5'9"!! Now I've shrunk (and this was with shoes on) and raised my BMI all in the same day. LOL

Weight: 268.5 They weighed me wearing shoes, fully clothes AND with jeans. So I'm logging the weight separately.

I seem to be in good order, other than my weight. My doctor gave me a few questions to think about and report back in a month, mainly due to why I think I have depression and what are my triggers that make me depressed.

I have also been diagnosed with Trochanteric bursitis, which is basically:

"Hip bursitis is a common problem that causes pain over the outside of the upper thigh. A bursa is a fluid filled sac that allows smooth motion between two uneven surfaces. For example, in the hip, a bursa rests between the bony prominence over the outside of the hip (the greater trochanter) and the firm tendon that passed over this bone. When the bursal sac becomes inflamed, each time the tendon has to move over the bone, pain results. Because patients with hip bursitis move this tendon with each step, hip bursitis symptoms can be quite painful."

OWCH. So when that flares up, I'm to overdose myself with 800mg of Ibuprofen and do some silly-looking exercises, but I am happy to know I'm not making something up and there's really something wrong. As soon as I touched my hip and told him where it hurt he automatically knew what it was, so yay! for Mere not being crazy!!